2017/07/03 – S.V.E.S.T “Urfaust” CD

Proudly distributed by NOEVDIA :

S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” is now finally available again on digipack CD and comes with a 12 pages booklet. EAL Productions.



S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” CD

Putréfiance Rédemptrice                18:02

Nuit de Walpurgis                            9:42

Epitaphe                                             13:50

2017/04/29 – FUNERAL MIST vinyl

FUNERAL MIST, back in stock :

Gatefold LP
Gatefold DLP
Gatefold DLP








These releases are available directly through NoEvDia and through Bandcamp.

The following shirts are currently in stock :


2017/03/24 – REBIRTH OF NEFAST ‘Tabernaculum”

Complete stream of “Tabernaculum” by REBIRTH OF NEFAST is now available on the official NoEvDia youtube channel and on the Band’s Bandcamp.

CD already shipping and DLP expected to ship on Wednesday.

2017/03/21 – REBIRTH OF NEFAST “Tabernaculum”

CD available for pre-orders as of today.

We expect the DLP to ship early next week, it will be up for order shortly.

2017/02/28 – DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Molten Bones TS/HSW

Shipping as of today !


2017/02/13 – REBIRTH OF NEFAST “Tabernaculum”



The band will make a rare live appearance on the ORATION Festival in Reykjavik on the 18th of February.

An excerpt of the upcoming « Tabernaculum » CD/DLP, called « The Lifting of the Veil», can be found on Youtube and on the band’s Bandcamp.

The CD and DLP will be released on the 24th of March.