2017/02/28 – DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Molten Bones TS/HSW

Shipping as of today !


2017/02/13 – REBIRTH OF NEFAST “Tabernaculum”



The band will make a rare live appearance on the ORATION Festival in Reykjavik on the 18th of February.

An excerpt of the upcoming « Tabernaculum » CD/DLP, called « The Lifting of the Veil», can be found on Youtube and on the band’s Bandcamp.

The CD and DLP will be released on the 24th of March.

2017/02/01 – new TEITANBLOOD TS available for pre-order !

Three new TEITANBLOOD TS designs are available for pre-order now. Estimated shipping date : around the 20th of February.


Cadaver Synod
Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist
Plagues of Forgiveness

2017/02/01 – S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” LP

Proudly distributed by NOEVDIA :

S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” is now finally available again on vinyl and comes with a 12 pages booklet. EAL Productions.



S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” LP


Putréfiance Rédemptrice                18:02

Nuit de Walpurgis                            9:42

Epitaphe                                             13:50


DIAPSIQUIR “180°” Gatefold DLP

DIAPSIQUIR “180°” Gatefold DLP available now !

Proudly distributed by NOEVDIA : a new release by EAL Productions.

Tabula Rasa 02:59 Banlieusard
Apres 04:32 180°
Credo 04:00 Vitriol & Lithium 05:09
Poussieres et Postillons 04:02 Minute de Silence 05:59
Le Septieme Theme 00:20  Autodafe 06:19
Comedie Verticale 04:30 LibidAu79 05:43
Dangereuse Onction 04:21

Streaming available through Youtube.

2016/12/15 – DEAD CONGREGATION “Sombre Doom” 12″EP available now !

DEAD CONGREGATION “Sombre Doom” EP is now available.





Side Sombre :

Wind’s Bane                                           04:37

Redemptive Immolation                      08:59

Side Doom :

Redemptive Immolation                      08:59

Wind’s Bane                                           04:37



Streaming available on Bandcamp and Youtube.