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2019/03/27 – ALTAR OF PERVERSION “From Dead Temples”

The sinister debut album, initially released in 2001, is finally made available again.



The Wisdom of Evil


Necromantia Sexualis


From Dead Temples

Behold The Altar of Perversion

Carpathian Shadows


“From Dead Temples” Gatefold LP & 7″ is available directly on NoEvDia or Bandcamp.

North Americans can also order from The AJNA Offensive.

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2019/02/22 – DRASTUS “La Croix de Sang” – New Album

NoEvDia proudly presents:

DRASTUS “La Croix de Sang” CD/ Gatefold LP. To be released on March 1st 2019.


DRASTUS “La Croix de Sang”

Nihil Sine Polum


Crawling Fire

The Crown of Death

Hermetic Silence


Constrictor Torrents



CD and Gatefold LP are now available for pre-order.

DRASTUS has now a Bandcamp page.

Complete streaming of the album is also available on Youtube.

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2018/09/05 – SEKTARISM “Fils de Dieu”

NoEvDia proudly presents a release by EAL Productions:





EAL076 – SEKTARISM « Fils de Dieu »







Released on September 10th in a splendid digipak with artwork courtesy of Dehn Sora. A vinyl version is expected during the last quarter of 2018.

“Fils de Dieu” is a slow and inexorable march to death, a dissonant lamentation over the failure of humanity. The weight of shame and decay in your heart. The taste of tears and vinegar in your mouth. A chant of despise, disillusion and scorn.

Links to audio excerpts will be unveiled by Monday 10th.


Sektarism will be on tour from September 27th to October 6th.