2015/06/21 – MALIGN “A sun to Scorch” 10″ MLP


“A Sun to Scorch” 10″ MLP on Malign official page.

To be released by NoEvDia and The Ajna Offensive. The exact release date will be announced at a later point.

2014/04/27 – DEAD CONGREGATION “Promulgation of the Fall”



Dead Congregation “Promulgation of the Fall” LP

Only Ashes Remain

Promulgation of the Fall


Quintessence Maligned

Immaculate Poison



From a Wretched Womb


To be released sometimes late May 2014 : The Soundtrack to Total Death !

NED037  DEAD CONGREGATION Promulgation of the Fall LP
Under exclusive licence of Martyrdoom Productions ! Pre-orders are taken starting now.

The CD editions come on May 5th through Martyrdoom in Europe and May 27th in North America through Profound Lore.

2014/01/31 – TEITANBLOOD “Death”


Teitanblood "Death"



Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist

Plagues of Forgiveness

Cadaver Synod

Unearthed Veins

Burning In Damnation Fires

Silence of the Great Martyrs.



(The Ajna Offensive/Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about Death Metal being music, mortui vivos docent.

To be released on the 13th of March 2014 !