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2018/09/05 – SEKTARISM “Fils de Dieu”

NoEvDia proudly presents a release by EAL Productions:





EAL076 – SEKTARISM « Fils de Dieu »







Released on September 10th in a splendid digipak with artwork courtesy of Dehn Sora. A vinyl version is expected during the last quarter of 2018.

“Fils de Dieu” is a slow and inexorable march to death, a dissonant lamentation over the failure of humanity. The weight of shame and decay in your heart. The taste of tears and vinegar in your mouth. A chant of despise, disillusion and scorn.

Links to audio excerpts will be unveiled by Monday 10th.


Sektarism will be on tour from September 27th to October 6th.

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2018/06/09 – FUNERAL MIST “Hekatomb”

FUNERAL MIST new CD/LP “Hekatomb” officially out on June 15th.




In Nomine Domini

Naught But Death

Shedding Skin



Within the Without


Pallor Mortis



CD and Gatefold LP formats come with digital downloads.

Hekatomb cover tee shirt and silkscreen (with album download) available now. Hekatomb tee shirt available for pre-orders.

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2018/05/17 – ABIGOR “Time is the sulphur in the veins of the saint” LP

NoEvDia proudly presents a release by EAL Productions (EAL073) :

ABIGOR “Time is the sulphur in the veins of the saint” : one of ABIGOR’s most intricate and radical albums presented in it’s ultimate version.





TIME is the sulphur in the veins of the saint

An excursion on Satan’s fragmenting principle

Part I

Part II




Revisited layout and a quality cut by SST for optimal audio experience.

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2018/03/20 – ALTAR OF PERVERSION – “Intra Naos”


“Intra Naos”

Cover art : Denis Forkas

Track list

:Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae:

:She Weaves Abyssal Riddles and Eorthean Gates:

:Behind Stellar Angles:

:Cosmic Thule, Inner Temple:

:Subcosmos Archetypes:

:Through Flickering Stars, They Seep:


114 minutes of music.



Herein are 6 songs of profound introspection and honesty, unbridled by norms or trends, adhering to tenents of belief that should resonate with the seeker, the curious, the outsider. ALTAR OF PERVERSION emerges from the void after twelve years of searching, reflection, shattering the known and invoking the unattainable in the quest for the numinous. Rather than scratching the surface, these songs reveal what lies beneath the surface and unravel the illustrious blackness within. This is the vision of Pan-European Satanism. This is timeless Black Metal as it was understood from it’s nascent core.


To be released on the 15th of April 2018 :

3LP set. Triple gatefold jacket. 8-page libretto.

2CD set. 6 panel digipack. 16-page booklet.


Released in North America by the Ajna Offensive.

Bardo Methodology Interview & song streaming