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2017/02/01 – S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” LP

Proudly distributed by NOEVDIA :

S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” is now finally available again on vinyl and comes with a 12 pages booklet. EAL Productions.



S.V.E.S.T. “Urfaust” LP


Putréfiance Rédemptrice                18:02

Nuit de Walpurgis                            9:42

Epitaphe                                             13:50


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DIAPSIQUIR “180°” Gatefold DLP

DIAPSIQUIR “180°” Gatefold DLP available now !

Proudly distributed by NOEVDIA : a new release by EAL Productions.

Tabula Rasa 02:59 Banlieusard
Apres 04:32 180°
Credo 04:00 Vitriol & Lithium 05:09
Poussieres et Postillons 04:02 Minute de Silence 05:59
Le Septieme Theme 00:20  Autodafe 06:19
Comedie Verticale 04:30 LibidAu79 05:43
Dangereuse Onction 04:21

Streaming available through Youtube.

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2016/12/15 – DEAD CONGREGATION “Sombre Doom” 12″EP available now !

DEAD CONGREGATION “Sombre Doom” EP is now available.





Side Sombre :

Wind’s Bane                                           04:37

Redemptive Immolation                      08:59

Side Doom :

Redemptive Immolation                      08:59

Wind’s Bane                                           04:37



Streaming available on Bandcamp and Youtube.

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2016/12/09 – TEITANBLOOD “Accursed Skin”

New 12”, to be released December 13th 2016.





TEITANBLOOD “Accursed Skin”

Accursed Skin                                                   14:28

Sanctified Dysecdysis                                     11:46


                                                  Playing time : 26:14 minutes





Released as 12” MLP.

Pre-orders can be placed as of today.

The free digital download coming with all CD/LP orders placed through the Noevdia webstore will be released on the 13th of December.

Pre-orders are also available via the Ajna Offensive for North America.

TEITANBLOOD’s Bandcamp page is accessible as of today.


Customers interested in ordering the DEAD CONGREGATION “Sombre Doom” 12” along with TEITANBLOOD‘s “Accursed Skin” should wait a few days with their orders : combined shipments should be possible by the end of the upcoming week.